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Zaragoza through the eyes of international artists

One of the most rewarding experiences of welcoming hundreds of visitors in our hotel each week is to check the impression that our city awakens in them. We love Zaragoza, and our point of view is often partial. So we are delighted when someone visits us because he or she allows us to rediscover a detail of our city that we took for granted everyday but that is indeed exceptional and unique.

With this premise was born Zaragoza No Other. A project that aims to show our city through the eyes of international artists visiting and working in Zaragoza. See a folksinger from Toronto thrilled with the offering of flowers to the Lady of the Pilar or a Portland band wondering around the neighborhood of ” El Gancho” . Listening to their views and comments is an experience that you should not miss.

zaragoza another

We love Zaragoza No Other, we will follow them closely. There are already two confirmed artists that are coming in the next few weeks and we cannot wait to see their video. What made us specially happy is that our hotel appeared in the interview they did with the Canadian artist Doug Paisley. Doug stayed with us and you can see him entering Hotel Sauce front door and answering the questions from one of our hotel balconies.


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