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Suggestions for easing the heat.

We feel the summertime in our city. The heat invades the streets of Zaragoza and the pedestrians seek the shade in every corner. At 33, Espoz y Mina Street, just next to El Pilar and in the heart of the Zaragoza Old Town, there is an oasis where you can enjoy the heat wave in a more refreshing way.

At Hotel Sauce cafeteria we have renewed our menu in order to adapt it to the high temperatures. And we simply cannot resist recommending some of our innovations, seasonal products and great traditional ones with our complete desire to surprise you and tempt you.

Pink Lemonade

Freshly squeezed natural lemons, sugar, water and read berries. It is easy, isn´t it?. Our recipe could not be more natural and irresistible. The most fashionable drink in the city that people are talking about. If you still haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?


Iced coffee with milk

A delicious double gourmet coffee with ice, cold milk and flavored with vanilla, caramel, cookies or hazelnut syrup.


Iced coffee

The most traditional and refreshing choice. Our best ecological premium espresso instantly cooled with or without a shaker.


Afogatto Coffee.

This is our exotic recommendation for the coffee-drinkers. A black coffee with ice-cream, whipped cream and cocoa powder. The perdition for coffee lovers and sweet teeth.



The best choice for the chocolate eaters. Our “Mi Habitación Favorita” fresh and homemade brownies are made with the best pure fair trade cocoa and with all our love and care. And if you wish to add an ice-cream scoop, it turns into a Brutal Brownie


Lemon and coconut sponge cake.

Our spectacular, soft and juicy homemade sponge cakes are a perfect accompaniment to your cup of coffee, tea or chocolate in the nice ” Mi Habitación Favorita” atmosphere.


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