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Our recommendations for a summer night.

Zaragoza nights do not rest during the summertime. At nightfall the heat diminishes and live returns to the streets. The Zaragoza atmosphere is spectacular at night in this time of the year, and you cannot miss the opportunity to discover a hidden corner in the heart of the Old Town.

Just in the middle of the Old Town, just a few meters distance from the best tapas bars and pubs, you can find “Mi Habitación favorita”, the Hotel Sauce cafe. We have adapted our menu to offer you more refreshing products that are ideal for these summer months. Let us make some suggestions for a summer night in Zaragoza.

Russian Lemonade.

The hard version of our popular Rose Lemonade. Freshly squeezed lemons, sugar, water and red berries with a shot of our best import vodka. A classic product that becomes a little more suggestive.


Gin Tonic

Gin and Tonic has become one of the drinks preferred. Discover in our exclusive menu the premium gin and enjoy our exquisite preparation. At “Mi Habitación favorita” we treat the Gin and Tonic with the respect it deserves.


Moscow Mule

We have rescued from our suggestive cocktail menu this exotic drink that surprises with its freshness and originality. A Ginger Ale and Lime drink that your will want to repeat. Do not hesitate to try it.


Iced tea

We are also pleased to offer alcohol free drinks in our summertime menu. We recommend you try one of our popular organic teas after passing through the shaker. We are really hoping you will love it.


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