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Suggestions for easing the heat.

We feel the summertime in our city. The heat invades the streets of Zaragoza and the pedestrians seek the shade in every corner. At 33, Espoz y Mina Street, just next to El Pilar and in the heart of the Zaragoza Old Town, there is an oasis where you can enjoy the heat wave in a more refreshing way.

At Hotel Sauce cafeteria we have renewed our menu in order to adapt it to the high temperatures. And we simply cannot resist recommending some of our innovations, seasonal products and great traditional ones with our complete desire to surprise you and tempt you.

Summertime at Hotel Sauce

It is summertime at Hotel Sauce. And it has not taken us by surprise. We have started wearing summer clothing. Our homemade lemonade and iced tea are ready in our cafeteria. Tips of advice are provided on different activities to enjoy during the warmest months of the year in the city. We are well prepared to help you make your visit of Zaragoza a wonderful experience this summer.

Road trip, the journey and the road we are travelling. A photography talk at hotel Sauce

Elena de la Rúa pleasantly surprised us one more time. Our annual photography event  proved to be a very  nice evening  that we had the chance to share with friends that are part of the hotel, fans of photography, our photography contest participants  and old friends from the last competition editions.  Some of the greatest XXth Century North American photographers  were mentioned in the talk by Elena in the attractive assembly room where the event took place,  this is our “Salón Caravana” ( Caravan Room ) , a peculiar room with a lot of personality.

Benidorm or burst: Interview with the pig’s drivers

I was walking back to the hotel reception after accompanying a host to the Sabinas El Pilar Apartments when I saw a strange pink vehicle parked right in front of the hotel, with many people around it taking pictures. As I approached, to my surprise, I noticed that the car was the shape of a pig! Instead of asking its owners if they were coming to the hotel and helping them with their luggage, as we normally would do, I couldn’t help but ask them: “Why are you driving a pig?” David Hillson, David Hillson Jr, Philip Hillson and Carlos Nighlugal (two brothers, their father and a friend) explained that they were participating in the sixth annual Benidorm or Bust Rally along with more than 200 other creative automobiles.