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Why Sauce?

History  Hotel Sauce
You may have the curiosity of knowing why Sauce( the translation into English is “ Willow Tree” ) gives name to our hotel. It all started back in my mother´s childhood, during summertime, she used to go to a country house that my grandparents had in Zegama ( little village of Guipuzcoa, very close to San Sebastian). My mother remembers with affection that beautiful weeping willow tree of long green and yellow perennial leaves and long fallen down branches that was situated in a significant part in the garden of that house. My mother told us that this was her favorite tree.
I also recall that another name was considered, hotel Altamira, that was the name of this country house, but we had to dismiss it because there was another hotel in the Basque Country registered with that name. Other candidate names where Hotel Camino and Hotel Costa in honor of Joaquin Costa. But Sauce was the right final choice.
It is funny, and it was not deliberate, the thing is that Sauce, as you may know, either in English or in French means the dressing for the food. So some of our foreign guests tell us with a smile on their faces and sense of humor that it is an amusing name. So with no premeditation, our name makes us different, peculiar and draws the attention of foreign travelers.
I would also like to comment that when we first opened the hotel, all the painting in the rooms where pieces of art painted by our friend Alberto Labad. His paintings are colorful and with geometric landscapes and people. Well, this painter had appreciation and cordiality with my family, so he dedicated a painting to my mother, a big painting that decorates our lounge : it is a naked girl that looks though a window a sees little willow tree. My mother loves this painting , and it is funny, this is the only representation of a willow tree that you will find in the whole hotel.
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