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Actualidad Hotel Sauce Zaragoza

New organic refreshments in “Mi Habitación Favorita”

Spring has sprung and choice of products in Mi Habitación Favorita changes to adapt to the new season and new temperatures and so we added a new series of products that are more than refreshing.

Here at the Hotel Sauce we love natural and healthy products. That’s why, a few seasons ago, we started making our homemade Pink Lemonade, made only with natural produce. And now you can find even more natural and organic refreshments with different tastes like Coke, Cranberry and Ginger made by the prestigious brand Whole Earth. This brand is specialised in organic products since 1967 with a motto that we can’t do anything but adopt: “The best things in the world are perfect as nature made them.

The Brutal Brownie in Mi habitación Favorita.

As you may know, the cakes and pies that we serve in Mi Habitación Favorita come out straight from our kitchen. Always with original recipes, freshly made cakes with decoration crafted by the expert hand of Mariana are always a success.

Among our recipes, there is one loved especially by chocolate worshippers, the superhero of our desserts. A soft bite, thick and with loads of chocolate. Even better, with our improved recipe, our brownies have no gluten . Irresistible and now for everyone.

New Hotel Sauce’s marmalades, inspired from our family

Where can you enjoy breakfast with freshly made toasts and homemade marmalade in the heart of Zaragoza ? Can you imagine trying unique new recipes that you won’t find in any other place? And what if you could bring them back with you to enjoy them at home or to make a unique gift? Do you want to try our marmalades? We make them in our kitchen with season’s fruit and 100% natural ingredients.

Well, all of that is possible. Here are Hotel Sauce ‘s marmalades, only available in “Mi Habitación Favorita”. Made with love, the best produce and inspired from our family.