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The Team

We are a united family, that is why our hotel has a familiar atmosphere. We like what we do and love to treat people with care.

Carmen - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Carmen with Luis, Sr. Fernández, founded the hotel. Elegance, good taste and poise. She keeps on looking after the hotel and she makes sure everything is in order.

Luis - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


The new generation, runs with eager optimism this beautiful project. He has passion for the new technologies and innovation, and he gives the best of himself every day.

Isabel - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Brave and a fighter, walks side by side with Luis along this journey. Throws herself into her daily work with passion and she could also have become an excellent English teacher.

De la Rua- Hotel Sauce Zaragoza

De la Rua

She takes the responsibility of coziest corner of the hotel, MHF. Laura surprises us every day with her tasty and sweet creations, a constant temptation. Fresh and sophisticated air for the Sauce cafeteria.

Maribel - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


The essence of hotel Sauce. Pure happiness, friendliness and ease, contagious laugh and carefree style. She daily enjoys her job.

Javier - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


He is the great Hotel Sauce ambassador. He has worked in our family business since the beginning. He has an amazing memory and never forgets a guest. Versatile, always faces the new challenges with passion.

Laura - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Laura also started her path in the hotel together with Mr Fernández. Classy, organized, multi-skilled and always ready and willing to handle every situation properly.

Giuseppe - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Giuseppe contributes the international touch of the hotel. This Italian, that was adopted in Aragon, is the funniest of this place. He is the genuine inventor of the accent maño-Genoese.

Saray - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


As sweet as the cakes that we serve in MHF, this dancer of permanent smile, makes the best gin tonics of the city.

Ricardo - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Ricardo always surprises us with his anecdotes, stories and curiosities about the History of Zaragoza. Our head historian fills with judgment and culture our recommendations.

Alberto - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


This “rara avis nocturna” is the guardian of our revel guests. With a writer and a poet´s soul and peculiar style, he prowls around the social network at night.

Araceli - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Quiet, modest, hard worker. Araceli carries out with efficiency and celerity every task.

Mariana - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


Mariana embodies the care for even the smallest of details. Perfectionism and hard work to get everything ready and well done.

María Pilar - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza

María Pilar

Maria Pilar is a good example of character and multiple abilities. She moves freely at the cafeteria, laundry and rooms.

Pilar - Hotel Sauce Zaragoza


She serves and deals with the guests at breakfast time with the love of a mother, the smile of an actress and funny as a comedian. Always ready for new projects and she is also a great cook.

Our team, with personality and passion…
…is what makes us Sauce.